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Creating Winning Strategies for Higher Ed, Students and Publishers, BibliU Reports Triple-Digit Growth

More Than 150 Higher Education Institutions Rely on BibliU’s Learning Enablement Platform for Digital Content

LONDON (2 June 2021) - Learning Enablement technology provider BibliU today shared details of its growth trajectory. An innovator in the education technology (edtech) category, BibliU’s platform leverages digital content management, workflow automation, and analytics, enabling institutions to put digital textbooks, courseware, and monographs at the fingertips of all students on the first day of class. As a result, universities and colleges can achieve cost savings, increase efficiencies, and improve student engagement and outcomes through better content affordability and accessibility.

BibliU has partnered with more than 150 higher ed institutions, such as Cornell University, Grand Canyon University, Occidental College, MIT, Coventry University, and Oxford, which use BibliU’s Learning Enablement platform to provide access to digital content for more than two million students worldwide. Every month, students spend 500,000 study hours on the BibliU platform.

BibliU works with over 2,000 publishers to provide access to millions of digital resources and delivers a 30 to 50 percent savings on textbook prices, which can equate to $2 to 3 million in annual savings for a campus with 10,000 students -- savings that are passed onto students. At the same time, BibliU ensures that publishers have higher sell-through rates for their content, guaranteeing them a reliable, higher-volume market for textbooks.

Over the last three years, BibliU’s annual recurring revenue has grown by 300 percent. In the United States, BibliU offers two solutions:

  1. Universal Learning: BibliU’s unique Universal Learning solution is a campus-wide offering that guarantees all students have access to the content they need on the first day of class. BibliU aggregates digital content from thousands of publishers and OER sources on one platform, providing content for a low fixed price per student per class. Using BibliU, institutions save hundreds of hours in manual administrative overhead via the automation of activities related to evaluating content, comparing book lists to catalogs, purchasing content, integrating with financial aid, integrating content within the learning management system (LMS), and budget optimization. Optionally, schools can generate auxiliary revenue, typically used to subsidize student support services.
  2. On-Demand Learning: BibliU’s On-Demand Learning solution is typically used by campus library systems to deliver digital textbook reserves to students. Unlike traditional print or digital content models, with BibliU, libraries only pay for the content students actually use, which can be accessed via the library system. Because BibliU works on any device and supports offline reading, students who do not have laptops or lack internet connectivity off of campus, who are typically in the most financially disadvantaged groups, can still access content with BibliU.

In September 2020, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund conducted a survey titled “Fixing the Broken Textbook Market, 3rd Edition.” Among the findings, 65 percent of students surveyed reported skipping buying a textbook because of cost, even though they felt it would negatively impact their grades. Financially disadvantaged students were most likely not to have access to content: the survey found that “82 percent of students who reported missing a meal due to the pandemic also reported skipping buying textbooks due to cost.”

BibliU CEO Dave Sherwood said, “Our market momentum is directly attributable to higher ed’s need to provide cost-effective digital content to their students to remain competitive and relevant. Ensuring that every student has full access to the content they need to succeed from the first day of class improves student retention and supports learning equity. We’re delighted to be the driver behind these profound changes to how higher ed manages and provides content and what students need and expect.”

About BibliU

Ed Tech innovator BibliU is defining the future of higher education by democratizing content accessibility. Designed to address the unique requirements of students, faculty, libraries, and publishers, BibliU’s learning enablement solution features digital content management, workflow automation, and analytics. With BibliU, colleges and universities can finally deliver on the promise of digitalization, guaranteeing all students have first day access to the learning content they need. More information is available at

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