Dual Credit Programs

Day One Textbook Access for Dual Credit Programs

Give your students access to e-textbooks they need for a fraction of the cost of print textbooks.

A Better Textbook Solution for Dual Credit Programs

With BibliU, you can supply students with digital copies of the textbooks they need, without needing to deal with publishers and inventory management headaches.

Digital Access from Day One

Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming inventory management. BibliU gives students access to their textbooks at the start of the term, so they have everything they need.

Automate Workflows for Easy Deployment

Let our platform do the hard work for you. Textbooks can be distributed digitally so they can be accessed in minutes instead of weeks. 

Build College Readiness

BibliU more than just provides content. Our analytics dashboards for faculty can improve student accountability and study habits so students are ready to enter college fully prepared.

Solutions for School Districts and Higher Education

Align your dual credit programs with an e-textbook and courseware solution that are designed with students first in mind.

Universal Learning

Help college students save up to 80% on textbooks while providing day-one access with our Universal Learning Solution.

BibliU Engage

Improve student outcomes and bring a new level of interactivity to reading assignments with BibliU Engage.

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“Transitioning to more accessible content, particularly OERs, has been a herculean effort by faculty and staff. What we were collectively able to accomplish in a year through the assistance of the support team at BibliU has been all for the students. We have done a lot of work and BibliU has been a big part of that.”
South Piedmont Community College
"BibliU is about enhancing and making social and economic mobility possible. This is accomplished through cost reduction and by making available necessary educational resource systems that are so important for our students to have on the first day of class and by recognizing that finances and distance are a challenge."
Jackson College
“EHU library implemented BibliU’s On-Demand Learning solution to provide digital access to resources that are difficult to obtain via traditional methods, whilst only paying for the content students use.”
Edge Hill University

Evolve Your Dual Credit Program

BibliU can help optimize your dual credit program to give students the materials they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

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