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BibliU Library UAA: More Than Just Digital Textbook Access

BibliU’s Library UAA solution combines flexible pricing models with unmatched title access, meeting your university library’s needs while reducing costs.

Trusted by over 114 Institutions Worldwide
Why Library UAA?

More Titles at a Lower Cost

Academic Librarians

Library User-Activated Acquisition helps librarians optimize procurement workflows and design catalogs around the content students are actually using.

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Reinvent Your Library Catalog

BibliU allows academic librarians to completely streamline and optimize their procurement processes. With User-Activated Acquisition, you only pay for the content that's actually used, allowing you to shape your catalog around what students need. Need to deploy a new title? Our Automate feature allows you to purchase and deploy new content in moments instead of days.

Content On Demand

All the titles you want from thousands of publishers, including monographs and OER.

Usage Analytics

Search through millions of titles, see what content is live and available to students, and their expiration dates in one convenient place.

Automated Purchasing and Deployment

Eliminate spreadsheets and view pricing with a centralized content request dashboard for purchasing and adding titles on your own terms.

Content Sample Creation

Easily create and share samples of content for various titles within your catalog.

Easy Integration

System integration made easy with SSO and a device-agnostic e-reader.


Your Library, Optimized

Library UAA is a simple, optimized solution for library catalogs, allowing you to save money without compromising on access.

BibliU makes it easy to get the content you need while staying within your budget.

Library UAA in 3 Easy Steps


You provide us with a list of content you need, along with your deposit.


We make those titles available to students via the BibliU platform.


We draw down from your deposit only when students access the content past the preview allowance.

Here's What Our Partners Say

BibliU is trusted by higher education institutions and academic libraries around the world.

“Before BibliU, the processes for finding, selecting, managing, and deploying content were manual and cumbersome. BibliU enables us to not only offer content at a lower price but also to streamline and automate our administrative processes.”

— Trish Schmidt, Dean of Academic Services,

“BibliU is about enhancing and making social and economic mobility possible. This is accomplished through cost reduction and by making available necessary educational resource systems that are so important for our students to have on the first day of class and by recognizing that finances and distance are a challenge.”

— Dr. Daniel J. Phelan, President

“With the integration of BibliU into Coventry’s learning management system, students receive day-one access to all the course materials they needed. BibliU’s easy-to-use interface made the transition smooth and intuitive for both students and faculty.”

— Coventry University
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“Transitioning to more accessible content, particularly OERs, has been a herculean effort by faculty and staff. What we were collectively able to accomplish in a year through the assistance of the support team at BibliU has been all for the students. We have done a lot of work and BibliU has been a big part of that.”
South Piedmont Community College
South Piedmont Community College
“BibliU is not just a content provider, because some of the tools for students are pretty unique and innovative.”
WSU Tech
WSU Tech

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