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Whether you need monographs, e-textbook titles, or both, BibliU can provide a streamlined solution.

Unified Procurement

Procure both e-textbooks and monographs from multiple publishers with a single provider.

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An Unmatched Student Experience

Improve learning outcomes with BibliU's interactive reading and accessibility features.

Fill Gaps in Your Reading Lists

Our Reading List Scan feature saves time and costs while making reading list fulfillment effortless.

All-in-One Analytics

Get data-driven insights on usage, engagement, and budgeting for improved procurement.

Superior Cost-Savings

Get more content for the same price with a tailored catalog from multiple publishers.

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Reading List Scan

Quickly fulfill gaps in your reading list.

  • Consistent experience
  • Talis and LMS integration
  • Save time on reading lists
  • 50% discount

Multi-Pub EBA

One EBA catalog from multiple publishers.

  • More content, same price
  • Tailored catalog
  • Streamlined management

Deploy Titles Instantly

Our procurement and deployment workflows make textbook management a breeze.

Your Go-to Choice for Purchasing Content

BibliU is a recognized monographs and e-textbook provider by leading frameworks in the UK.

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