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Coventry and BibliU

BibliU is a digital textbook platform that offers over 30,000 digital textbooks to students and faculty at Coventry University.

This September marks a major turning point in the evolution of higher education learning. BibliU is proud to be partnering with Coventry University and their Flying Start Programme to offer digital textbooks to over 30,000 students and staff at their university.

This implementation is revolutionary for the higher education industry and is symbolic of the significant shift towards institutions providing accessible education and resources to every student.

Coventry, Flying Start and Us

‘Flying Start’ is making education more accessible to everyone, regardless of background

The ‘Flying Start’ programme is significant for several reasons. The scheme provides essential course materials and support to students included in their tuition fees, eradicating the problem of hidden textbook costs. With our help, Coventry is making their education more accessible to their 11% POLAR4Q1 students (a term referring to under-represented groups). This is the UK and EU’s largest free eTextbook programme, with over 30,100 students having access to supporting materials through BibliU’s Discovery Layer. Through our platform, 4980 new first year undergraduates on over 160 different courses now have free perpetual access to the e-book version of the core reading textbooks for each module.

Student benefits

All textbooks at your fingertips; access anywhere, anytime.

For students, the benefits of accessing content online are clear: you receive a personalised reading list, there is no need for voucher codes or to collect books from a desk and you have the added convenience of an entire digital library in your pocket without the hassle of carrying multiple heavy books. Students at Coventry now have day-one access to every single required textbook for their course, all held in one place and accessible from multiple devices.

BibliU values accessibility, therefore we offer features such as text-to-speech and synchronised online annotations across devices. We understand that each student learns differently, so, with our unique analytics, the app will suggest recommended content to support your learning. In addition to this, the “Discovery Layer”, pioneered by BibliU has enabled more than just a select number of students to be able to access the textbooks; rather, the entire institution.

A screen-shot of the bibliu library (in platform)
A screenshot of the BibliU library

Institutional benefits

BibliU brings textbooks to life, making learning more effective

Coventry’s trailblazing digital content provision is boosting student outcomes and engagement. Our platform seamlessly integrates with any university single sign-on system, so students and staff can login with their Coventry email address and password. Moreover, there is the benefit of simplified content assignment and delivery; crucial data-driven content provision using live usage analytics; improved student participation due to total content coverage and as previously mentioned, a seamless, modern reading list experience.

What this means for the industry

The future of content for higher education is exciting

Finally, more universities are realising the potential of digital solutions to eradicate expensive, hidden textbook costs. Through our partnership with Coventry, we are improving the overall teaching and learning experience to the undergraduate student body and perhaps most importantly helping them save money as well. Coventry has set the bar for what the new standard in education should be and they are only the first in a long list of institutions to do so.

Beyond improving the student experience, digital content provision takes the first step towards facilitating unique learning pathways for individual students through ‘holistic’ learning - centralisation of course materials in a single platform, enabling its delivery in a content-agnostic manner, where information transcends its medium.

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