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2022 Features

Inside Higher Ed — Digital Books Hasten Decline of Campus Bookstores

BibliU and customer Jackson College are featured in Inside Higher Ed, discussing the move to digital textbooks and the future of the brick-and-mortar campus bookstore. 

“By working with BibliU, Jackson College was able to convert the brick-and-mortar bookstore into a digital bookstore in six weeks with 90 percent of the courses offered at Jackson having textbook needs met by BibliU.”

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Yahoo! Finance — Higher Education Tech Leader BibliU Announces Learning Enablement Platform

BibliU has announced the launch of its Learning Enablement platform, comprise of BibliU Learn, BibliU Engage, and BibliU Automate.

“BibliU’s Learning Enablement Platform is a technology solution that leverages automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver a more engaging, equitable, and effective learning experience. With the platform, colleges and universities can adopt a digital-first approach to learning content — putting interactive learning content in the hands of students on the first day of class, in a way that drives student engagement and success.”

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Education Technology — How Digital Resources Can Assist SEN & International University Students

BibliU Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Sherwood, discusses how edtech and digital content can provide support for remote students. 

“The desire for digital resource availability is well-understood among students — research BibliU conducted in 2021 indicated some 90% of UK students believe study resources should already be available digitally. For SEN and international students, the transition to remote learning is likely to be an even tougher challenge.”

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FE News — BibliU is the Only Provider Feature in All Lots of the JCA 2022-2026 Framework

BibliU is proud to be the only provider featured in every lot of the SUPC Framework. 

“Purchasing consortium SUPC tenders the books, eBooks, and eTextbooks Framework Agreement every four years. The latest iteration of the Agreement selects BibliU for all eBook and eTextbook Lots...”

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University World News — How to Stay Ahead of the Digital Learning Materials Curve

In this article, BibliU Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Sherwood, discusses how universities integrate pandemic-era learning tactics and resources rather than reverting to older, default practices.

“The pandemic has exposed deficiencies in the UK’s digital learning infrastructure. It is therefore imperative for institutions to take the leap and provide as much accessibility for students as possible. Universities that are ahead of the curve in embracing the collaboration with publishers and edtech to enhance student learning experiences when it comes to accessing academic resources will have a more future-proofed and attractive educational offering.” 

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TechRound’s Shortlist — Which UK Universities Have The Most Successful Startup Founders?

BibliU and Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Sherwood, are featured on TechRound’s shortlist of successful UK startup founders

“From charities, finance to tech businesses, some of the most interesting startups have been founded straight out of Universities or through friendships and connections made on campus.”

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2021 Features

Yahoo! News — Jackson College Partners with BibliU to Support Equitable Learning

BibliU is proud to partner with Jackson College to provide affordable, day-one content access to students. 

“Before choosing BibliU, Jackson College had a long-term relationship with a large campus retailer responsible for its bookstore. Determined to keep the cost of books down, Jackson College tried different models such as purchasing additional books to have available in the library and offering a “rent a book” option. When its campus retailer vendor suggested a digital content solution, it was initially received with enthusiasm until it became apparent that the cost was prohibitive. Left with little choice but to assume direct management of its campus bookstore, Jackson College identified BibliU as an innovative solution provider.”

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FE News — The Cost of Learning: UK University Students Skip Buying Learning Materials

Results of a UK student survey concerning higher education content costs conducted by BibliU are featured in FE News. 

“Seven in 10 (70%) of students in the UK have skipped buying necessary textbooks and learning materials, according to new research from learning enablement technology provider, BibliU. More than a third of students (35%) said they couldn’t afford to buy their textbooks, while a further 32% could afford them but felt the purchase would be a waste of money.”

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StreetInsider.com — Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology Adopts BibliU Universal Learning

BibliU partners with WSU Tech to guarantee first-day content access for all students. 

“​​Numerous studies have underscored issues thwarting student success, with the affordability and accessibility of course materials ranked high on the list. Many students forgo purchasing textbooks due to costs. As colleges and universities seek to support students, BibliU’s cost-effective, easy access to course materials is recognized as a ready remedy.”

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Medium — Dave Sherwood of BibliU: 5 Things You Need To Know To Be A Highly Effective Educator or Teacher

This interview with BibliU Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Sherwood, highlights the state of the US education system and supporting women in STEM. 

“Key to closing the gender wage gap in the US, where women continue average to earn around 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, is gaining better representation for women in STEM roles. Today women earn a majority of all undergraduate and advanced degrees, yet they make up only a small share of degree earners in STEM fields — and they continue to be significantly underrepresented in STEM workforces. Instead, women continue to be overrepresented in fields where the average wage is lower.”

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Forbes — David Sherwood Builds BibliU Platform To Make Textbooks Affordable And Engaging

This feature highlights BibliU Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Sherwood, covering BibliU’s origin, Dave’s background, and the future of BibliU. 

“In the UK, an Oxford student chose to do something about it. In 2014, David Sherwood founded BibliU, an educational content platform and education technology company, specialising in digital textbook and monograph provision for universities, libraries and other higher education institutions.”

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TecHR — BibliU Announces Universal Learning Solution For Higher Ed

BibliU announces the release of its Universal Learning solution, a content procurement and provisioning model where content is packaged with enrollment in a class, and there is a set per student fee per course.

“The benefits for students are obvious: BibliU’s Universal Learning solution delivers a significant reduction in course material expense, ranging from 30 to 50 percent less. Institutions that implement BibliU Universal Learning also experience substantial process efficiencies by streamlining and automating the workflows associated with identifying, selecting, procuring and distributing content — cost avoidance savings that can reach $500,000 per year. At the same time, publishers benefit from a consistent channel for their content.” 

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Print Monthly — Tackling Accessibility of Print Books for Students

BibliU is proud to partner with book, film and music wholesaler, Gardners, to provide university students with printed books.

“There has been an ongoing shift to digital over the years which was accelerated due to the pandemic. However, BibliU and Gardners both recognise there is still a need for printed books as a result of accessibility and differing learning needs.”

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Education Technology — Edtech Leaders Send Letter Urging Government to Fund Further Digitisation of Universities

UK businesses and higher education institutes together penned the letter, which calls on parliamentary leaders to step up and tackle the shortfall in resources required to support digital learning in HE. 

“Authors of the letter span the education, business and technology sectors, including: learning platform BibliU; student accommodation booking platform Housemates; software company Headchannel; note-taking software company NotetakingExpress; student and graduate experience platform VirtualInternships; the South East Digital Skills Partnership; and the University of East London.”

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IT News Online — Creating Winning Strategies for Higher Ed, Students and Publishers, BibliU Reports Triple-Digit Growth

BibliU reported triple-digit growth from 2018 to 2021. 

“BibliU works with over 2,000 publishers to provide access to millions of digital resources and delivers a 30 to 50 percent savings on textbook prices, which can equate to $2 to 3 million in annual savings for a campus with 10,000 students — savings that are passed onto students. At the same time, BibliU ensures that publishers have higher sell-through rates for their content, guaranteeing them a reliable, higher-volume market for textbooks.

Over the last three years, BibliU’s annual recurring revenue has grown by 300 percent.”

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EdScoop — No One Wants to Pay $200 for A Textbook

Digital resource and OER use exploded in the midst of the pandemic, bringing dropping textbook prices along with them.

“Historically, university students have been required by their instructors to spend hundreds of dollars per semester on textbooks, only to sell them back at the end of term for a fraction of what they paid.”

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TechRound — Interview with Dave Sherwood, CEO & Founder at EdTech Company: BibliU

In this exclusive interview, BibliU CEO & Co-Founder, Dave Sherwood, talks about BibliU’s beginnings, entrepreneurship, and the future of BibliU. 

“We’re creating something entirely new in Higher Education technology, crafting a solution that allows faculties to provide educational content to students more efficiently, accessibly and equitably than ever before.”

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