BibliU 2023: A Year in Review

Looking back on the past year, we have much to celebrate at BibliU. We invite you to see all we have accomplished in 2023, as we recap the highlights! 

An Acquisition for Bookstore Innovation

One of the most year-defining events for BibliU was the acquisition of one of our partners, Texas Book Company. TBC's exceptional record for delivering campus store services allows BibliU to expand Universal Learning further into Universal Learning Plus, a combined offering for campus store management and digital content delivery. "BibliU and Texas Book Company have a shared purpose. We built our business to make the higher education system fairer, more accessible and more inclusive. With its strong stewardship and deep history in U.S. higher education, Texas Book Company has built a trusted brand aligned with those principles," said David Sherwood, Co-founder and CEO of BibliU. Looking ahead to 2024, BibliU will be even better positioned to empower student success at institutions across the U.S. You can find more information about the acquisition here.

Over 2 Million with Access

During this past year, we reached an important milestone: now, more than over 2 million students have access to BibliU! We have continued to spread our reach since then and are constantly grateful to be making a difference in the lives of students. 

We are excited to carry on our mission of accessible learning in 2024.

A Record Number of New Partnerships

In 2023, BibliU welcomed a momentous number of incredible new clients from coast to coast! Here are a small number of our new partnerships from over the past year. We added Lee College (Baytown, TX) to our customer list. Leveraging Lee College’s Learning Management System (LMS), BibliU’s Universal Learning solution provides first-day content access for students. The solution eliminates many of the hassles associated with purchasing textbooks. “We are excited to be able to offer this digital solution, which aligns with how students access information and can help contribute to their academic success,” said Dr. Lynda Villanueva, president of Lee College.

Additionally, BibliU established a partnership with Johnston Community College (Smithfield, NC) this past year. JCC adopted the BibliU solution to provide first-day content access for its 13,000 students, lower costs, and improve student outcomes. Participating in BibliU enables JCC to provide a digital-first content model that lets students access their e-textbooks on any device and benefit from robust study tools. “Partnering with BibliU provides the opportunity for our students to save money and have better access to the materials that will help them succeed,” said Dr. Vern Lindquist, president of JCC. 

We are also excited about our recent partnership with Iowa Western Community College (Council Bluffs, IA). Working with BibliU enables IWCC to equip students with first-day access to relevant digital resources through a single sign-on, allowing them to get course materials quickly. "This partnership with BibliU allows us to innovate content delivery and ensure every Iowa Western student is set up for success from day one. We hope this partnership will translate into wider student success," said Dr. Dan Kinney, president of IWCC. 

We look forward to serving all of our partners in their ongoing dedication to enhancing student outcomes.

Impact on Our Partner Institutions 

BibliU partnered with Jackson College and Green Shoots Research Agency this past year to understand the link between Universal Learning and student outcomes and persistence, and institutional retention at Jackson College. We found that the more times Jackson students used BibliU, the better their grades. Additionally, retention steadily increased as students used BibliU more frequently. To read more about the data collected on this specific case, download the study here.

Expanding our Executive Team

Over the past year, we’ve grown our company, adding some exceptional new faces to our executive team:

Will England, Chief Financial Officer

Will brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise from the digital startup world. His background and knowledge in the field will undoubtedly be of immense value to BibliU. He strongly believes in fostering growth, optimizing resources, and ensuring that students have access to learning materials at affordable costs. We are thrilled to have him on board!

Carli Tegtmeier, Chief Revenue Officer

With more than a decade of experience, Carli brings a vast understanding of the education technology space. Her history as vice president of sales at Filevine, PAIRIN, Pronto, and Instructure makes her an asset to our team. She helped to scale Instructure’s business from startup through IPO. Carli is a mentor for Utah Women in Sales and an active member of the Women Tech Council. BibliU is lucky to have her with us!

On our path of continued growth, we aim to expand our pool of talent. You can find our open positions here!

As we move into 2024, we at BibliU are excited to focus on how we can better serve our partner institutions and their students worldwide. It should be a great year–stick around for all the latest updates!

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