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The campus bookstore landscape is in a period of transformation. The legacy model is becoming obsolete, and is no longer able to keep up with the needs of the modern learner. Enter BibliU’s Universal Learning–a digital first, day one access program that promotes student success and institutional retention.

BibliU has partnered with Jackson College and Green Shoots Research Agency to understand the link between Universal Learning and student outcomes and persistence, and institutional retention at Jackson College. Download our case study to explore our findings.

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Key Findings

The more times Jackson students used Bibliu, the better their grades.
The average GPA of heavy users was one whole point higher than light users.
BibliU users had the highest retention rate at Jackson College Since Fall 2018.
Retention steadily increased as students used BibliU more frequently.
94% of heavy BibliU users were still enrolled from Fall 2021 to Spring 2021.
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A Proven Track to Raise Student Outcomes

This impact study revealed a positive correlation between usage of BibliU, and student performance and retention. The more times Jackson students used BibliU, the better their grades. And since BibliU was introduced, Jackson saw the highest retention rate of first-time enrollees.
GPA Improvement

One full
grade point

Increase in retention


Fall to Spring Retention


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About BibliU

BibliU is an online platform that partners with thousands of publishers to provide affordable access to digital textbooks and courseware. BibliU’s Universal Learning enables higher education institutions to lower textbook costs by 30-50 percent, while ensuring all students have access to the content they need on day one. Through equitable, digital-first, and affordable access to course materials, BibliU serves all students, regardless of socioeconomic background.

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