BibliU Success Kit for Johnston Community College

BibliU Provides Low-Cost Day 1 Access to Course Materials

Students can access their course materials for day 1 for a single low flat fee charged on their tuition bill via the Learning Management System with a single click.

Resources for Administrators

Find email templates and other materials useful in launching Universal Learning at your campus.

Resources for Faculty

Find resources for teaching with BibliU—from adding BibliU to your course in your LMS to uploading proprietary content/OER into BibliU.

Resources for Students

Find resources for learning with BibliU—from logging into your account, navigating the platform, to using the study tools.

Contact Support

We’re here to help! Click here to get in touch with our support team.

Booklist Adoptions

Key documentation on the BibliU course material adoptions tool.

We’re here to help! Contact your BibliU Project Manager or Customer Operations Manager if you need further assistance. Or click here to get in touch with our support team.