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BibliU Partnership with Arden University Supports Accessible and Seamless Learning for All

From textbooks to digital resources, BibliU has partnered with Arden University to provide students with an innovative solution to access their reading materials.

23 August 2022 - Continuing a concerted effort to improve Library Services for students, education technology innovator, BibliU, has partnered with Arden University to provide students with an innovative solution to access their reading materials.

The partnership will allow for greater accessibility to educational resources, reducing the cost of textbooks by 30-50%, while ensuring all Arden students have access to the content and courseware they need. 

By utilizing digital learning resources, all students – regardless of their circumstances – are able to enjoy an interactive learning experience, accessed in a way that does not disadvantage those with limited mobility or physical disabilities and delivered in a way that supports individual learning needs. 

From BibliU’s vast database, housing more than 2 million e-books from 3,300 publishers including Oxford University Press and Pearson, Arden academics have handpicked 7,000 books that are directly relevant to its students – ensuring individuals are only seeing the most useful texts for their courses and reducing time spent searching within databases to find them. 

Helping break down the traditional barriers of time, cost, and geography, students will have unrestricted access to all their required reading and, unlike a traditional library, will never be subject to late fees, waiting times, or the traditional inflexibility of traditional book buying and lending. 

As a result of the partnership, BibliU’s platform will also offer Arden students a range of additional benefits, including improved authentication to protect data, enhanced and specific search capabilities to find material quickly, integrated referencing tools to make the referencing process as smooth as possible, advanced accessibility, and the ability to highlight sections, annotate, and bookmark sections online. 

Dave Sherwood, Co-Founder and CEO at BibliU, said: 

“With our own research finding that 90%  of students believe that textbooks should be provided digitally and as many as 70% telling us that they haven’t purchased textbooks due to cost, our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible, and affordable education.

“It is therefore fantastic to partner with Arden University to deliver learning resources that are carefully tailored to add value to its students. Students will now have direct and flexible access to their own recommended literature, making learning more convenient and efficient, supporting an improved student experience, reducing the cost of education and helping to secure excellent results."

Jude Wilson, Director of Library Services at Arden University, said: 

“We are delighted to be partnering with BibliU for the next stage in the development of Arden’s Library service. As specialists in online and blended learning provision, our goal is to make education more accessible, which means our library’s aim is to provide access to 100% of the reading our students will need to be successful in their learning and seamless access to their resources from day one. 

“We were impressed with the accessibility and interactive features of the BibliU platform and think that it will be very beneficial for many of our students, helping them to thrive throughout their time studying with us.” 

For more information about BibliU's Learning Enablement platform, or to book a demo, please visit its website

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EdTech innovator BibliU is defining the future of higher education by democratizing content accessibility. Designed to address the unique requirements of students, faculty, libraries, and publishers, BibliU’s learning enablement solution features digital content management, workflow automation, and analytics. With BibliU, colleges and universities can finally deliver on the promise of digitalization, guaranteeing all students have first-day access to the learning content they need. More information is available at

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