How-To: Purchasing Content Under the SUPC Framework

Learn how to order materials for your institution under the new 2022-2026 SUPC framework.

Purchasing consortium SUPC tenders the books, e-books, and e-textbooks Framework Agreement every four years. As part of the framework, BibliU is the only provider featured on all new Joint Consortium Agreement e-book and e-textbook lots.

Download our digital guide to learn how your higher education institution can purchase content under the guidelines of the 2022-2026 framework.

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BibliU and the SUPC

BibliU is proud to be the only provider featured on all five e-book and e-textbook lots for the 2022-2026 SUPC framework. Our platform provides a comprehensive scope and range of services to meet institutional needs, along with top-notch customer service.

What Sets BibliU Apart?

Wider Access to Content

The ability to access course materials can make all the difference for student success. BibliU offers wider, more equitable access to digital content for students at a lower cost.

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Unmatched Service Support

We're committed to delivering value for all of our partners, and we're proud to be recognized by the SUPC for our customer service. BibliU delivers high-quality service and support to institutions, even after purchase.

Choice Without Compromise

Purchase the titles you want and meet students needs. BibliU offers access to titles from thousands of publishers, including OER and monographs.

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Read our e-book to see how your institution can purchase materials under the new SUPC framework.
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