Improving Student Outcomes With Digital Content

It's no secret that engaging students is the key to improving student outcomes. But static, physical textbooks can't provide insights into  these key metrics, or how students engage with their reading assignments. Enter BibliU.

We have partnered with Coventry University and Green Shoots research agency to explore the link between digital, interactive content and increased engagement and academic performance. Download our case study to explore our methods and full findings!

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Read how we helped students at Coventry University improve their grades.

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A Campus-Wide Case Study

Student outcomes are tied to student engagement. But how can universities improve engagement and outcomes in a cost-effective way?

Download this case study and gain insight into what role digital content plays in students’ journey and how to analyse their knowledge, usage, and outcomes!

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A Proven Track to Raise Student Outcomes

Over the course of this study, we found a correlation between the frequency of which students used BibliU and their academic performances. More frequent users of the platform saw their mean module marks increase compared to their peers who didn't use BibliU at all or irregularly.
Mean Module Mark Improvement


Increase in Academic Attainment


Mean Module Mark


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The Study Methodology

To conduct the study, we partnered with education research agency Green Shoots and Coventry University to examine the correlation between academic performance and digital content.

Anonymized data from this study was sourced from analytics already available within the BibliU platform. This data included usage time, frequency, and academic performance for student cohorts. In total, 15,400 students were analyzed during the study.

A Word from Phil Brabban

We sat down with Phil Brabban, Library Director at Coventry University, to discuss the study as well the impact its findings can have on the landscape of higher education.

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Edtech is evolving, and so is higher education. BibliU provides digital-first solutions for higher education leaders, academic librarians, and administrators. BibliU help institutions optimize workflows while providing day-one access to e-textbooks and courseware. For a flat per-student, per-course fee, BibliU gives students the tools they need to thrive while eliminating hours of tedious admin work for educators.

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Student outcomes depend on engagement. BibliU's digital-first solutions are designed around cultivating better study habits for students, so they can succeed and achieve higher learning outcomes. With an extensive suite of study tools and accessibility features, every student can study in a way that suits them best.

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