Improving Student Outcomes With Digital Textbook Access

Online learning is transforming higher education and digital content is making it possible.

Learning Enablement and digital textbook platforms help students save 30-50% on textbook costs while also helping institutions create more engaging learning programs. By leveraging technology, analytics, and data, institutions can see better student learning outcomes and retention rates.

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Student Learning Outcomes and Online Learning

When it comes to online learning and higher education, it can be challenging to ensure all students have the same access to course materials and courseware. How can academics ensure that all of their students have access to the textbooks they need?

Access to textbooks can heavily influence a student’s learning outcome. According to a survey, 7 out of 10 students skip buying a textbook due to the cost, and 1 of 2 see their grades suffer as a result.

So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in digital content and Learning Enablement.

Enable More Effective Learning Programs

Digital content platforms aren't just a paperless option for textbooks — they make learning more accessible and effective.

Learning Enablement leverages technology and data to create more effective programs. With interactive features like in-book quizzes, instructors can better evaluate how students are understanding material while monitoring performance. Combined with holistic analytics dashboards, Learning Enablement platforms offer a host of opportunities for better student success.

Kickstart Student Success

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