Digital Education & Universal Learning Guide

With access to millions of e-textbook titles, engaging reading features, and first-class technical support, BibliU’s Universal Learning solution is changing the digital education landscape.

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Learning Enablement Is Transforming Higher Education

Online and hybrid learning are staples of higher education, but access to course materials can still be a barrier for students.

Universal Learning is a campus-wide learning enablement solution that can help higher education institutions create more efficient, effective, and equitable learning programs while saving on textbook costs and generating more revenue. Students can access all of their course materials from any device for a lower price.

Learn more about Universal Learning, learning enablement, and how you can make the most of them in our downloadable guide!

Universal Learning: A Better Solution for Digital Education

BibliU helps higher education institutions create more effective learning programs while saving money on content costs.

Our Universal Learning solution widens access to crucial course materials, allows administrators to efficiently track content catalogs, and offers educators a robust set of features designed to engage students. It's an all-in-one solution that can serve your institution's needs at every level.

Streamline Procurement Processes

Put time back in your day with automated workflows for reviewing and purchasing content.

Engage Students More Effectively

Help students achieve more in and out of the classroom with BibliU’s robust engagement features.

Access Millions of Titles From One Platform

Find true academic freedom and get access to titles from thousands of publishers, including OER.

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Ready to Learn More?

Download our guide to Universal Learning by filling out the form below.

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