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Higher education is more accessible than ever for students. However, textbook accessibility and affordability can be significant hurdles to academic success. Thankfully, technology is bridging this critical gap in higher education.

Platforms like BibliU can help guarantee simple and affordable access to digital textbooks for all students. Read more in our whitepaper to discover how Universal Learning is transforming learning.

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Bridge the Gap for Student Success

Student success and performance are strongly influenced by accessibility and engagement. However, financial barriers too often stand in the way. With textbook costs rising year after year, it's vital for higher education institutions to provide low-cost options — and a digital-first solution can help.

E-textbooks and courseware provide students with the means to learn more efficiently, all while saving money on course materials. Download our whitepaper to explore some of the advantages and benefits of these campus-wide digital solutions.

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Why Use Digital Textbooks?

Access to textbooks and course materials is absolutely critical for a student’s success. Yet in a 2020 study, 65% of students surveyed skipped buying a textbook due to the cost, even though 90% said doing so would negatively impact their grades. These financial barriers put students at a direct disadvantage to their peers — and they could even risk failing.

Digital textbook access and courseware can guarantee students have all of the course materials they need at a much lower cost, leveling the playing field to learning. On top of that, robust engagement features and tools engage students more deeply with their reading, while offering faculty key insights into reading time, content usage, and more.

More Savings, More Engagement, More Accessibility

BibliU provides affordable access to content on any device from the first day of class. With one flat fee per student, per course, higher education institutions can help their students save up to 80% on their textbooks.

Beyond just savings and access, BibliU is designed for campus-wide adoption, giving faculty the freedom to use the titles they want. We work with over 2,000 publishers to provide millions of resources, including OER. Faculty and staff can monitor student engagement and performance with real-time analytics and in-book quizzes. And with Section 508- and WCAG-compliant features, BibliU is a truly accessible digital content solution for higher education.

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