Key Benefits of Digital Textbook Platforms

Online learning and blended learning environments have become more common in higher education. Along with that, digital textbook platforms have become a comprehensive solution for universities looking to save costs and provide better access to textbooks.

But these platforms can differ in terms of affordability, workflow support, and reading list coverage.

Keep reading to learn how to avoid these pitfalls.

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What Are Digital Textbook Platforms?

Digital textbook platforms are solutions for accessing vital reading list content. Textbooks and courseware can be difficult for some students to access regularly, negatively impacting their academic performance. Platforms like BibliU are designed to help your students succeed by providing easy access to digital textbooks and content — while still providing a steady return on investment for your universities and library.

These digital platforms may include automated workflow capabilities, as well as centralised dashboards for purchasing. BibliU, for example, contains a purchasing portal with access to the entire bibliography, pricing, and licensing models for instant procurement and deployment. This makes it easy for you to choose, purchase, and deploy new titles quickly.

For students, digital textbook platforms make course materials more accessible. These textbooks are available for download via the platform, helping your students save money on spending for course materials. This can also translate to savings for your university. For example, you can save 30-50% on high usage titles with BibliU.

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Discover how BibliU gave Edge Hill University students critical round-the-clock access to the digital content they need.

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4 Reasons to Switch to BibliU

BibliU is the leading digital textbook solution for institutions and academic libraries. It is used by over 60 UK universities — including Coventry University, which runs the largest digital textbook programme in Europe.

The BibliU solution is designed with students in mind, with titles from over 2,000 publishers, plus open educational resources (OER). BibliU ensures that students can access the content they need from day one while offering institutions lower costs and increased revenue at the same time.

20% Savings on Digital Textbook Spending

BibliU has flexible pricing models that can work to help you save money. BibliU’s On Demand Learning solution provides a “pay-per-use” model, so you only pay for what you need. Our Curated Learning model can provide 30-50% savings on high-usage titles. And if you want to review your data, quarterly reviews with our Customer Success team will provide recommendations on license configuration to maximise ROI.

Full Core Reading List Coverage

BibliU’s On Demand Learning solution allows your university to provide access to a vast e-textbook catalogue while only paying for the content your students actually use.

With BibliU, no student is turned away: you can optionally allow an unlimited number of students to access the same content simultaneously. Students can use BibliU to access e-textbooks on and offline, make notes, sync comments across devices, and more.

Automated Workflows

BibliU allows your university to say goodbye to time-consuming, manual digital textbook management workflows. BibliU includes a centralised procurement and deployment hub from which all content can be purchased and managed. Additionally, BibliU includes bespoke integrations with Reading Lists to identify and instantly fill gaps in core reading collections.

Holistic Usage Data and Analytics

Student engagement and learning outcomes are core pillars of any higher education institution. But it can be hard to study engagement without data, even in an online learning environment.

BibliU’s holistic approach to engagement analytics allows your academics and administrators to look at when and how students use course materials and textbooks, allowing for a more tailored approach to course design.

Enable Better Digital Learning With BibliU

BibliU is more than just a content delivery system. Our digital learning enablement platform enables learning in blended and online learning environments, helping students succeed and universities to increase their retention rates.

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