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This Content Hub is for WGU to introduce BibliU and share how we can support your mission to grow and advance digital pedagogy. Please reach out for more information at any time.

Meet the Team

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Dave Sherwood

Co-Founder & CEO

Shannon Meadows


Umberto Anderle

VP of Product

John Holdcroft

Associate Vice President, Business Development

Meet the Team

Resources and Offerings

Our goal is to help you improve student outcomes by ensuring that every student has access to the content they need - on the first day of class and in an engaging format. We accomplish this with our Learning Enablement platform, a technology solution that leverages digital content management, automation, and analytics to enable more efficient, effective, and equitable learning.


Trusted By Over 150 Institutions

BibliU was designed to meet your needs, offering:

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Academic Freedom

Want the academic freedom to choose content from any publisher, including OER? BibliU provides access to an unmatched scope of content, with over 2000 publishers and 2 million titles, as well as Open Education Resources. Textbooks or monographs, we’ve got you covered.

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Innovative Affordability

Have unique needs and/or want to reduce costs? BibliU offers a range of innovative, first-of-their kind business models that ensure you meet your content needs within budget, while increasing and simplifying access to content.

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Interested in reducing the time, effort, and cost associated with content identification, selection, procurement, and distribution? BibliU streamlines and automates content workflows, letting you focus on what matters: getting the right content to students, on the first day of class.

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Digital Library Curation

Need for digital content skyrocketing? BibliU enables your library’s digital curation strategy, letting you overcome the challenges presented by the global pandemic, in the most cost efficient and accessible way.

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Have existing learning systems in place? BibliU delivers deep integration with your existing tech stack, including Learning Management Systems, Library Systems, Virtual Learning Environments, and Student Information Systems.

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Virtual Bookstore

Challenged with shrinking auxiliary revenue or a struggling bookstore? BibliU augments or replaces your bookstore, helping you deliver on your digital content strategy, reducing costs and widening access to content.

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Lacking meaningful insights into use of content? BibliU offers analytics to give you a deep understanding of how students study, how learning resources and course materials are being used, and which students need support.

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Interested in reducing barriers to learning? BibliU meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA standard and has a 100% ASPIRE score. Designed to help students with learning disabilities, BibliU includes features such as reader settings that magnify content, flux and night reading modes, and text-to-speech capabilities.