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Flexible Pricing Options

Industry leading business models that work for publishers of any size, looking to distribute their own content.

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Choose Your Level of Customisation

From simple and powerful fulfillment to a modern SDK that will make your tech team cry with joy.

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Simple Tools for Your Sales Team

Easily enable your sales team to send inspection copies and monitor usage of titles through analytics.


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Secure Content Delivery

All of your titles (ePub3 or PDFs) delivered using secure DRM in our app, so that your content is always safe.

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Content True to Form

Your titles will be displayed and function as you intended, with full support for accessibility regardless of file format.

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Automated Ingestion

We can ingest your titles at scale and support industry standards for metadata and pricing.

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Improve Sales With Analytics

At BibliU we help you understand how your content is being used by our entire user base. This will enable you to boost usage where necessary and understand which sections of your content are the most valuable.

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The Student Experience

"I can't think of anything bad with this reader, it's fluid to navigate and elegant in design." - Coventry Student

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BibliU Discovery

Instant, personalized results across the whole library for more effective learning

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We go beyond WCAG and Section 508 compliance to give every student the experience they deserve

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Making the Most
of Digital

An experience that beats paper, with synchronised comments, highlights and full offline support

From Our Customers

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"I really appreciate the hard work and huge efforts the support team Annabel "

Dal Badesha - Project Manager

Coventry University

"I really appreciate the hard work and huge efforts the support team Annabel and Izzy make to keep us updated and ebooks available for our students and staff."

Dal Badesha - Project Manager

Coventry University
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