Webinar | BibliU + Eduventures: The Black Box of Content

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November 4, 2021

1-2 PM EST

Course content is a central part of a student’s learning journey, but until recently, measuring the effectiveness of content has been an impossible task. The shift to digital content (driven by the pandemic) has opened up an opportunity for universities to understand how content is being deployed and using those learnings to inform strategy. 

This begs the question, what are universities who have already adopted digital content doing to track student engagement? What are the best practices for doing so? Eduventures and BibliU have partnered on a research project to answer these questions and understand what is already happening, and where areas for improvement exist. 

This webinar will present the findings of Eduventures Principal Analyst, James Wiley's research into content engagement and highlight BibliU's approach. Topics include:

  • The current state of measuring student engagement with digital content
  • Best practices in measuring digital content engagement
  • The advantages of measuring student engagement with content and its relationship to retention 
  • How BibliU measures engagement with digital learning materials

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James Wiley

Principal Analyst

James brings over 13 years of education technology experience to the Eduventures Research analyst team. Prior to joining, James was Executive Vice President of Enterprise Services at the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT). James lead efforts to develop a network infrastructure redesign project for a Texas school district rollout of instructional tablets and to develop a statewide information security management system for over 400 school districts for the Massachusetts Department of Education. At Eduventures, James focuses on helping stakeholders understand the success criteria for technology and on ensuring alignment between their technology applications and organizational goals.

Dave Sherwood


Dave Sherwood is the CEO of BibliU. First as an undergraduate in Western Australia, and then as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, Dave had a pressing question: why are textbooks so unintuitive? Co-founding BibliU six years ago, Dave and his team have since signed over 2000 academic publishers and 140 universities across the globe with this simple message: when it comes to learning, there has to be a better, more affordable, and more accessible way of doing things.