Conversations about providing students an affordable and quality education are all abuzz on your campus. Making the switch to a digital content strategy is appealing and achievable. Because you know your students have enough to worry about – getting access to course materials should never be on that list.

Dave sat down with Lincoln University's Ian Snowley, Dean of Student Learning Development and University Librarian, to ask him, "What tips do you have for institutions that are looking into implementing a digital program?"

Take a minute to watch the video below and learn from Ian's expertise.

From meeting students where they are, engagement analytics, to mapping out your digital strategy, Ian has experience in implementing BibliU's education content platform. Check out his useful tips to get a digital textbook program rolling at your institution.

Access Makes the Difference

"I can see that students are able to engage with this material because they can all access it."

The cost of attending higher education continues to rise, and when academics hold tight to the traditional printed textbook, it puts students in a dilemma. They either pay the high price or not buy at all. Making the pivot to digital textbooks, included in tuition, ensures students have the proper materials they need from the start.

Make The Switch Count

"There is no point in doing these things if it's not going to be reflected in the teaching."

A digital content platform can improve the learning outcome for students. Having real-time engagement data, that feeds directly into your learning analytics dashboards, gives faculty a view into the whole student and provides retention and attainment indicators.

Be Patient

"Buy-in at the beginning is really the critical thing and just accepting that this is a slightly imperfect process. It's not a science."

Making the transition from print to digital is work; it takes time and requires a community effort. It’s okay to adjust courses as you go. Partnering early with admin, staff and students, and having a vendor that is willing to go the extra mile, will ensure your digital strategy is realized and implemented with fidelity.

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Ian Interview: Behind the Scenes

Sometimes, during an interview, the unexpected happens. Like finding an 1864 Australian poem that just needs to be read out loud. As a bonus, check out Dave, giving it a go.