Campus-wide Offering Guarantees All Students Have Access to Necessary Content, from Day One

LONDON and NEW YORK CITY (July 13, 2021) - Learning Enablement technology provider BibliU today shared details of its Universal Learning solution. Developed to meet the needs of universities and colleges, BibliU Universal Learning aggregates digital content from thousands of publishers and OER sources on one platform. eTextbooks and courseware are provided for a low fixed price per student per class. Additionally, by using BibliU, institutions save hundreds of hours in manual administrative overhead via the automation of activities related to evaluating content, comparing book lists to catalogs, purchasing content, integrating with financial aid, integrating content within the learning management system (LMS), and budget optimization.

Amid the reasons students do not succeed in college, one is entirely preventable: many face a considerable challenge affording and accessing course materials, particularly students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Indeed, a 2020 survey found that 65 percent of students skip buying their textbooks due to cost, even though 90% of them say that this will harm their grade. BibliU’s Universal Learning solution presents the possibility of equalizing access across the entire higher education system, ensuring all students have access to the content they need on the first day of class—in ways that can have a transformative impact on student persistence, retention, and success.

BibliU Universal Learning is a content procurement and provisioning model where content is packaged with enrollment in a class, and there is a set per student fee per course. With Universal Learning, textbooks and courseware are digitally distributed through learning management systems. Students enrolling in a course automatically gain access to the digital materials at no extra cost or a reduced cost on day one of the course.

The benefits for students are obvious: BibliU’s Universal Learning solution delivers a significant reduction in course material expense, ranging from 30 to 50 percent less. Institutions that implement BibliU Universal Learning also experience substantial process efficiencies by streamlining and automating the workflows associated with identifying, selecting, procuring and distributing content – cost avoidance savings that can reach $500,000 per year. At the same time, publishers benefit from a consistent channel for their content.

BibliU Founder and CEO, Dave Sherwood, commented, “The financial stress created by the pandemic has forced higher education to rethink economic models. Our Universal Learning solution considers all constituents, addressing the expectations of students, faculty, libraries and administrators.”

Additional details about BibliU’s Universal Learning solution can be accessed in a complimentary white paper, available for download here.

About BibliU EdTech innovator BibliU is defining the future of higher education by democratizing content accessibility. Designed to address the unique requirements of students, faculty, libraries, and publishers, BibliU’s learning enablement solution features digital content management, workflow automation, and analytics. With BibliU, colleges and universities can finally deliver on the promise of digitalization, guaranteeing all students have first-day access to the learning content they need. More information is available at