What Will College Be Like in the Fall?

New York Times, JUN 3, 2020

The New York Times host a panel discussion about how college will return in the Fall. They weigh the health risks of students returning en masse against the potential disruption to students’ education and the economic loss for institutions and college towns

In Wake Of George Floyd Killing, Presidents Of Elite Colleges Decry Racism. Good, Now Admit More Black Students.

Forbes, JUN 2, 2020

Following George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, Michael Nietzel commends the public expressions of outrage from figureheads at elite colleges. However, he calls on these same figures to go further and enact change in the area of admissions and enrollment of black and African American students.

College Students May Be Unhappy, But They’re Probably Coming Back

Forbes, MAY 28, 2020

Derek Newton considers a number of recent surveys that conclude that students are unhappy with the promise of another semester constituted exclusively of online learning. He points to the significance of the campus in students’ valuation of their college experience. Simultaneously, however, he notes that other surveys indicate that this discontent is unlikely to dent fall enrollments.  

Inside Higher Ed, JUN 2, 2020

Michael Strawser advises on how academic administrators can help faculty respond to increased teaching, research and service expectations while dealing with a global virus. He argues that new teaching pressures have arisen in particular from an increased emphasis on the student’s experience. He posits that implementing measures such as an increasing the efficiency of operating procedures or a well-deployed use of tech platforms can make a reinvigorating change for a faculty.

Factors Community Colleges Should Consider in Their COVID-19 Response

EdSurge, JUN 2, 2020

EdSurge discusses six elements that Community Colleges in the US should consider changing in their response to the pandemic. Among other recommendations, they suggest that colleges should implement a common learner record and competency-based education (CBE).

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