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Payback time: academic's plan to launch Free Black University in UK

The Guardian, JUN 27 2020

The Guardian report on the burgeoning support for a Free Black University in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Melz Owusu, a PhD student, has crowdfunded £60,000 for the university which will aim to provide an online library, open-access lectures, a members’ space for black academics and an annual conference to explore radical and transformational topics.

5 Things That Covid-19 Will Make The New Normal In Higher Ed

Forbes, JUN 26 2020

Derek Newton calmly forecasts that many facets of IHEs will remain unchanged after we emerge from the pandemic. He does project, however, five permanent changes to higher ed. One aspect he predicts will change is recruitment outreach. The current squeeze in enrollment will lead to more innovative, creative ways to attract students that will last beyond the pandemic.

Minister lambasts English universities for letting down students

The Guardian, JUL 1 2020

Richard Adams reports on a shift taking place in the UK Government’s approach to higher education. Michelle Donelan, Minister of State for Universities, has announced that it is time to re-evaluate the approach adopted by Tony Blair that encouraged more than half of all young people to go to university. She proposed that young people were being misled and not getting the graduate jobs that had been promised. The timing of the speech will cause consternation among universities that are looking towards the government for financial support in this time of pandemic.

Bracing for a Fall

Inside Higher Ed, JUL 1 2020

Inside Higher Ed discusses the practicalities of how IHEs (Institutes of Higher Education) can best announce their altered plans for fall while maintaining credibility and protecting enrollment. It argues that the announcement of a remote-only fall has been made easier by the precedent set by prestigious institutions such as Harvard. However, it forecasts great scrutiny for those institutions that will be forced to radically u-turn on their policy if they cannot deliver on their promises.

Learning Communities Can Save Colleges—and Engage Remote Students

EdSurge, JUN 29 2020

EdSurge explores a crucial aspect of higher education that can get left behind in the switch to remote-only education: learning communities. Engineering a community of students to work towards a common goal, purpose or interest functions as a key tool to encourage learning. Senegal Alfred Mabry explores how IHEs can put in place the right type of infrastructure to make online learning a collaborative venture for students.