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How does an Ivy league school compare with a community college when both must compete on the level-playing field of “remote learning”? Read my latest round up here:

Equity in 2020 Requires More Than a Diversity Statement

The Chronicle of Higher Education, JUN 7 2020

Aisha Ahmad asks how campuses can remain a space for world-changing transformation, even under pandemic conditions? She discusses the co-occurence of George Floyd’s killing with the vanishing of the campus space that is necessary for activism. She argues that senior leaders must move beyond tweeting statements of solidarity and instead proposes some constructive measures they could implement to ensure direct dialogue with the student body.

Lecturer and student relationships matter even more online than on campus

The Guardian, JUN 8 2020

Kate Roll and Marc Ventresca propose that the shift to online learning represents an unparalleled opportunity to rethink teaching at higher education institutions. At a time when it is far harder to keep remote students engaged, they propose a shift from the “sage on a stage” model to a focus on developing meaningful relationships with students.

As Harvard Goes Online, Will Students Pay Top Dollar For Higher Education?

Forbes, JUN 8 2020

Forbes’ Robert Farrington questions whether students should stump up nearly $70,000 to attend Ivy league schools that have hastily and clunkily digitised courses that have been designed to be taught in person. He argues ‘if the prospect of college or university is going to be online-only, opting to take classes at a community college online - for a tiny fraction of the price - could make a lot of sense for college-bound students this fall’.

The Challenge of Engaging Financially-Stressed Students During a Pandemic

EdSurge, JUN 9 2020

Kat Soto-Gomez describes the challenges of teaching at a community college when students have become distracted by economic pressures and childcare. She describes experiencing students jumping at the opportunity to work more hours at their jobs in order to attempt to replenish the lost wages of family members who were unable to work. These factors make it extremely difficult to persist as a college student.

Universities face £460m loss from expected drop in east Asian students

The Guardian, JUN 8 2020

The Guardian reports on the expectation that UK universities will experience an extreme decline in new international students arriving this autumn, including a £460m loss in income from students from east Asia. It proposes that the current wait-and-see approach adopted by many universities is putting off prospective international students that need clear and quick communication.

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